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Jiangmen Hui Chong Hing metal products factory is located in the beautiful hometown of overseas Chinese - Western Pearl River Delta Jiangmen Duruan scold stone feet, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. Is a collection research and development, design, production in one of professional manufacturers of stainless steel telescopic products. The main products are: handwritten pen. Fine small mobile phone antenna and network card antenna, car TV antenna, while the design of the new type telescopic tableware products and health care push into foreign markets, products are: telescopic barbecue fork, various styles of telescopic forks, telescopic boom, the telescopic spoon, telescopic oil leakage. The telescopic rod telescopic pen. Our products with high quality, long service life, high ratio of performance to price to win the advantages very good reputation in the users.
Our factory has more than 10 years of product design experience, is the real designers a lot of extension products, we have the theoretical foundation of our unique design for each part of each piece of material selection, we have design basis, design and development capability is our most powerful ability. We not only for our products design but also design our unique process and mechanical equipment. In recent years, the factory in a "pioneering and innovative, quality first" under the guidance of the concept, to develop a strong design capability as the basis, in the production process for a high level of assurance, with first-class services and preferential prices touched the vast number of consumers, the factory development of be on the upgrade, products sold throughout the country and Europe and the United states. Welcome customers at home and abroad to cooperate, invites around retailers and agents to join us, to meet the needs of the market with our professional development capacity and equipped with and continuously optimize scientific management way, every investment exchange Chuangxing hardware to the strength of return guest!
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